Water Management 


Urinal Flush Controls PIR

Our Specialist Hygiene’s urinal flush water manager is an environmentally-friendly water saving solution that uses the latest passive infra-red sensor technology to detect washroom usage. This detection enables you to achieve maximum water saving without compromising urinal and washroom hygiene standards.

The fully automated and programmable urinal flush controller ensures the urinal is flushed regularly during times when the washroom is active but does not flush unnecessarily during times of inactivity. This guarantees a complete balance between maintaining a high level of hygiene whilst providing economical flush control and water usage ensuring you're meeting the requirements set out in The Water Supply Regulations 1999.

Key Benefits of Urinal Flush Manager

  • Decrease water usage
  • Reduces costs
  • Maintains hygiene standards

On average, our urinal flush water manager can save 70% of water wastage when compared with an uncontrolled cistern, enabling you to successfully meet sustainability targets whilst reducing costs. Encased in a tough tamper proof stainless steel case to prevent vandalism, this ensures the integrity of the device and maintains constant operational performance.

The urinal flush water manager is installed by our trained technicians and includes annual servicing of the control valve and Y-trap ensuring consistent operation is maintained, during which a full flush test is performed to ensure continued compliance with the necessary regulations. Fitted and maintained by us on our rental programme or outright purchase available from our shop.

Eco Water Saver Management Battery Powered LCD Flush Controller Valve

Battery Powered Urinal Flush Controller with hidden LCD screen. "Save Water & Save Money" In commercial buildings one of the most wasteful uses of water is the constant flushing of urinals in Gents Washrooms. The automatic urinal flush controller offers a solution to this waste. Mount this valve flush controller on the pipe which runs to the urinal reservoir, programme to your needs, turn on the water supply and you're ready to go. Simple commissioning procedures allow you to set fill times and operating frequency. "Improves Hygiene In The Washroom" The urinal flush control has been extensively developed both in its software and design. These benefits include a new sleek design, factory pre-set functions to save set-up time, water audit feature, integrated power & valve failure alarms. The product has also been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and includes many anti-tamper features within the robust design. · LED display · Reduces flushing water & sewerage charges · Easy installation & low service requirements · Factory pre set functions · Battery (Standard 9V) · Battery low & power failure alarm Fitted and maintained by us on our rental programme or outright purchase available from our shop.


Ecoflush WC Water Saver

The ecoflush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills.

Converting a toilet from a single flush to a variable flush with the ecoflush water saver puts the user in control of the water they use.

Many 9 litre cisterns can use 11 litres of water per flush as an additional 2 litres of water flow from the ball valve during flushing.

The ecoflush allows the user to reduce this 11 litre flush to just 1 litre simply by pressing the green ecoflush button!

With a ecoflush water saver from City Healthcare you will:

  • Save money
  • Save water (up to 10 litres per flush)
  • Protect the environment
  • Show staff and customers you care
  • Retro-fit product means easy installation
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • More efficient than dual flush toilets
  • WRAS approved product