Air Care 


Pure Air vs Scented Air? The choice is yours.

From Machines that kill and neutralise airborne Bacteria that causes infection and odour, to a range of Automatic Air Fresheners and Fragrances to make your facilities smell fresh, City Healthcare Direct has the tailored solution for you.

Commercial Air Freshener Range

Whilst people may not take note of a fresh smelling washroom, the majority will notice unpleasant odours. Unpleasant odours imply unsanitary conditions and poor maintenance and they create a poor impression of your site’s cleanliness. Our range of air freshening services maintain your fragrance and odour reduction units to sustain a fresh, odour free and inviting washroom environment.


The Aircare disperses a measured dose of fragrance into the air to maintain freshness in your washroom or communal areas. Available in white, black and chrome finish.

  • Battery operated
  • Eradicates odours
  • ABS plastic construction is vandal resistant
  • Wide choice of fragrances
  • Regular, hassle free servicing included


We bring to our clients the world’s most environmentally-friendly air fresheners providing real and tangible benefits summarised as less waste, no harmful emissions. Emission-free technology releases pure fragrance oil with odour neutralisers. No other continuous fragrancing product uses oxygen as a delivery method and it is a significant improvement on how it performs against its competitors. Fully fitted maintained and serviced by us so you can forget it...


Fragrance Engineering

Our products use pure, natural fragrance oils that are compatible with Oxy-Gen delivery technology and which maintain their intensity throughout the refill life. A propriety neutralizing agent, NeutraLox™, ensures that any bad odours are not just masked, but locked in and eliminated, giving the room a bright and fresh smelling atmosphere.

Odour neutraliser providing clean air

Using the latest technology the Odour Eliminator : Photo-catalytic Oxidation (PCO), Photoplasma, Ozone and Negative Ion, the Ozone represents the latest clean air technology.  Air quality depends on a number of factors:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present in the air. VOCs are created from furnishings, wall coverings and office equipment. Unhealthy fumes, malodours, bacteria, viruses and moulds are also present in the air we breathe. The air around us also contains particles of dust, pollen and other microscopic bits of debris. By effectively treating these areas, the unit provides an intelligent solution designed to support a great first impression.

The produces no harmful chemicals or waste and is a completely effective against all of the above. The Odour Eliminator helps to banish unpleasant odours and kill bacteria, uses the latest UV Technology. No monthly consumables - just UV bulbs replacement once a year. The Odour Eliminator can be hard-wired, wall mounted, free standing or portable. It has variable output for 5-30m2 rooms.

Code: Odour Eliminator 8002
W270 x H115 x D110 (mm)