Terms and Conditions - Service


City Healthcare Direct ltd agrees to supply services detailed on this agreement.
The Client agrees to pay for the above services plus vat at the appropriate rate annually in advance.
The first payment (together with any installation charges applicable) is due on the signature of this agreement. Subsequent payments are due on each anniversary date.  All payments are to be made payable to City Healthcare Direct ltd at the address below where this agreement shall be deemed to have been made.
This agreement may only be terminated on its anniversary date, provided that written notification is given either by fax, email or recorded delivery at least three months prior to such anniversary date.
After the first year, City Healthcare may review the charge for the services annually to reflect changes in cost.
In these terms and conditions this agreement is between
The company known here on as City Healthcare Direct
Ltd and the client named overleaf.
The service means the Hire of the service of thereafter to be provided by the company to the client as specified overleaf.  Any service carried out in addition to the prescribed service will be charged at our standard rate.  City Healthcare Direct Ltd may on occasions have to vary the services due to changes in operational circumstances and bank holidays.
The client agrees to pay the total sum detailed overleaf, plus VAT at the appropriate rate in advance due upon receipt of invoice.  After the first anniversary date the company may increase their charges to reflect any changes in costs.  If the fees to be paid by the client become overdue the company may charge interest at a rate of 3% above bank rate on the overdue amount. Overdue reminders will be charged at £5.00 per document.
Hand dryers, Air sterilizes and Electrical Air freshener installation charge include an electrical connection within a 3.0m distance of its location using pvc cabling in white conduit or trunking when appropriate with a fused spur isolating switch.  Any work falling outside these conditions will be subject to a site survey by our engineer to determine additional charges.  In the event of removal of water managements or sanitizers we will make good the plumbing where necessary by capping off the water connection.  Whilst reasonable skill and care will be taken to minimise any disturbance, we will not be held liable to make good any damage/ changes to the plumbing or decoration due to removal of our equipment.
The equipment shall at all times remain the property of the company.  In the event of removal theft, damage or vandalism of the equipment the client shall be responsible for all replacement costs.  The company shall have the right to terminate this
Agreement at any time for any reason and the client shall allow the company access to retrieve their equipment.
The agreement shall run continuous for a minimum of 12 months and then on a rolling annual agreement.  It will then be automatically renewed annually until 3 months prior written notification is received by email; fax or recorded delivery is received.
The client shall during the term of the agreement insure the company's equipment against loss or damage from all risks.  The client shall indemnify the company against any loss or damage to the company's equipment not recoverable under the terms of their policy.  The client shall be solely responsible for and hold the company's fully indemnified against all claims, demands and liability's, losses proceedings, cost and expenses which may be brought against or incurred by the company's as a result of any acts involving the company's equipment.
This agreement may only be terminated at the end of the agreed term provided that at least 3 months notification is received by email, fax and by registered post.  Should the client wish to terminate a washroom service agreement before the end of the agreed period, liquidated damages of 100% of the current years charged will become payable upon termination.
Where the contract is commissioned by an agent representing the client, the contract is deemed to be with the client.  The company shall be free to assign the benefit of this agreement to any person, firm or company.  No client terms or conditions shall override these conditions and no amendments to these conditions will be binding unless specifically agreed in writing by a director of the company.
The Company reserves the right to apply a credit charge to an invoice if applicable.