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We are part of the IWSA, The Independent Washroom Services Association, which brings benefits for both us and for you, our customer.

Benefits for us are various including a better source of sales from other members; the opportunity to network with other owner managed washroom service business and to share experiences and information on new products and legislation changes.

Benefits for our customer are:

  • a better certified code of conduct including politeness and being courteous;
  • be discrete and diplomatic;
  • a quality of service including effective services on time,
  • leaving all equipment clean and fully operational;
  • removing all waste relating to installation or servicing from clients washroom and leave it clean and tidy;
  • replacing worn out or damaged equipment;
  • respond to emergency service requests from customers by contacting a responsible person within clients organisation and agreeing appropriate action within 24 hours;
  • comply 100% with all legal and Health & Safety requirements;  
  • and being transparent on quoting;
  • no additional charges for documentation such as waste transfer/duty of care.